my why.


the kindle co. is a calgary based candle company founded in 2018 by Christina Brown who has reimagined clean burning candles for modern life.

i am a mom of two, a wife, a friend, and avid candle maker. i am just a momma chasing my dreams of defining my identity, and being able to create a product that i truly believe in and stand behind.  the kindle co was created with clean burning in mind, as this was top priority for me. my vision became a reality for me when i was pregnant with my first baby, and like most, changed a lot of the ways i did things. this for me included the candles i was burning into my home. after hours of research, the trialing began. fast forward two years and here we are. burning candles in my home guilt free, and following a path that i never imagined to be possible. my candles have not only given me the ability to be at home with my kids, but also something i look forward to sharing with everyone, and has become embedded into who i am defined as.

the exciting part happens now, when you get to try out one of my candles. thank you for checking us out & welcome to my page.